Running Tests

Preparing the Test-Environment

The im4java-distribution contains a number of tests. These tests done't formally proove the correctness of the code, they just show that the code compiles and runs. The test-cases also serve as examples for the usage of im4java.

To prepare the test-environmet, UN*X-users just run

	make test-prepare

Windows users run:


Executing Tests

To run the tests, you would run one of the following commands:

	java -jar im4java-version.jar help
	java -jar im4java-version.jar all
	java -jar im4java-version.jar 1 2 4 9 16

The first command will print a list of available tests. The second command will run all tests, while the last command will only run the subset of tests given as arguments. Note that the reference-section also has a list of all available tests.

If you downloaded and compiled the source-package, UN*X-users can just run

	make test

Note that this will also automatically prepare the test-environment.