The im4java Library, Version 1.4.0

Class NoiseFilter

  extended by org.im4java.core.Operation
      extended by org.im4java.core.IMOps
          extended by org.im4java.core.IMOperation
              extended by org.im4java.utils.NoiseFilter
Direct Known Subclasses:
NoiseFilter.Edge, NoiseFilter.Level, NoiseFilter.Threshold

public class NoiseFilter
extends IMOperation

This class is the base class of all noise-remover classes.

$Revision: 1.7 $
$Author: bablokb $

Nested Class Summary
static class NoiseFilter.Edge
static class NoiseFilter.Level
static class NoiseFilter.Threshold
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.im4java.core.Operation
Constructor Summary
NoiseFilter(IMOperation pOperation)
          Constructor: creates a clone of the image and apply the operation (typically -despeckle, -blur or -noise).
Method Summary
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addSubOperation, appendHorizontally, appendVertically, closeOperation, haldClut, openOperation
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Constructor Detail


public NoiseFilter(IMOperation pOperation)
Constructor: creates a clone of the image and apply the operation (typically -despeckle, -blur or -noise).

The im4java Library, Version 1.4.0

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